Global Impact with Multi-Hyphenate Alexandra Vargas

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Sept. 7, 2018

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Alexandra Vargas is constantly integrating nearly every art medium you can think of—fashion, design, photography, drawing, painting, music, and more—into a lasting impact she happily cutivates on a daily basis. Just finishing up her freshman year at a liberal arts university, the undergraduate student has been opening a lot of career routes for herself by gaining experience in many different fields.


In a nutshell, Vargas describes herself as an “integrated artist/designer,” but she doesn’t get any more specific. “Personally, I don’t like to stamp myself with a label of what I do because I am in constant exploration of tying different subjects and mediums together,” she said. “I love to think that as people we are always creating, whether we know it or not, throughout our lifetime. [Life] becomes woven with discovery.”


In her creations, Vargas utilizes an outlook that looks out for the environment. “Location is apart of the environment. Being aware of what the environment homes for us is important. A lot of my projects are environmentally conscious with sustainable aspects.”


In addition to helping the environment, she also helps other creatives. She founded an online platform by the name of Abstract Pieces, aimed at creating a space “where people can share what inspires them.” Her website has featured rock band Run River North, ADIFF founder Angela Luna, plus visual and written pieces from that vary from poems to nature photography to experimental film.


The limits for Vargas are near nonexistent. But she’s aware not every aspiring artist can push through limitations so easily.


To anyone trying to figure out their career, she advised, “Let passion drive, and don’t ever feel the need to do something you aren’t into just to be ‘successful.’  Do what you love, and that love will naturally power positive ripples.”


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