Freezing Time in Photo with Amber Aisha

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Aug. 23, 2018

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It is easy to see how a piece of art—a painting, a song, a poem, a movie, a photograph—affects an audience. Ratings and reviews either rave or rebuke. Admirers and attackers add analysis alike. People praise or pan. The modus operandi of creation is unavoidable, thanks to the audience.


But rarely do we see how a piece of art affects the creator, not just the spectator. Just like a road, art works both ways. This is the case for photographer Amber Aisha. Occupying a deeply-rooted background in her field, she works in fashion, portraiture, and street genres. “I’ve been shooting for 11 years, but professionally going on five now.”


If you scroll through her work, you might catch one consistency in every photograph: every model is black and every setting emphasizes the culture.

“I want to put my people—black people—in a different light,” said Aisha. “I want them to see my work and feel warm, special, and see themselves within it. If I make it, I’m carrying my people with me.”


Her intention is from a specific scope, and that’s honorable. Yet her product produces a much larger scope as a result. “Art can change people’s worldviews [and] bring everyone together, whether it’s a painting, picture, movie, or music. [That’s] why art has lasted so long and isn’t going anywhere.”


Any piece of art has the ability to project both where we’ve been and where we’re going, and Aisha is an expert in corroborating those two elements.


She believes photography exists for a reason, and that reason is irreplaceable to people of all backgrounds. “No moment in time can be recreated exactly. It’s important to capture these memories. Just the snap of the finger and that time is gone. Just the snap of a button and the memory lasts forever.”

With over a decade of experience under her camera strap, it’s easy to see how photography has influenced both Aisha and her audience. Not only has her art shaped her worldview, but in her own words, it’s given her a point that meets and collides with other parts of life.


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