Coloring Outside the Lines with Andrea Manzati

Written by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published April 13, 2018

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Andrea Manzati has brought color back. His simple and elegant illustrations invoke a sense of childlike wonder as he utilizes bright palates in a myriad of mediums. The Italian artist has been featured in many publications, such as the Bloomberg, New York Times and Wired, and for reason. His utilization of geometric shapes and bold colors have garnered Manzati a sizeable online following.


Like many others, his inspiration for making art was seeing art. “The emotions I received while looking at these pictures was the fuel I needed in order to start creating in a more convinced way.”

Manzati takes a lot of inspiration from his environment, and says its very important to him. The Verona-based artist strives to vary his workspace to keep his mind active and motivation up.  “Working in a creative space can give you inspirations and motivation for improving your skills.” Whether it be a coworking studio or a coffee house, Manzati values a change in setting to help stimulate his creative muscles.


“I try to draw something in a different way from what I’m used to, [and I] see what happens.” While other artists tend to get stale or repetitive in their stylistic choices, Manzati experiments. Experimentation is the heart of Manzati’s artistry and it's what makes his work so interesting, either in color or technique. It brings the joy in creating. “It is something that I can’t stop, it just gives me joy.”


Manzati has only one piece of advice for younger creators: “Not let the fears freeze you. Jump out of your comfort zone, dedication can bring you everywhere.”

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