Not many 16-year-olds are able to say they’ve acquired an audience of over two thousand through sharing their artistic abilities. But Angie Pei can.


Pei struggled in the beginning. When she first started, she had troubles gaining momentum and attention. Like many of us, when our work doesn’t receive the attention it deserves, it can be hard to find the motivation to continue. Despite this roadblock, Pei persevered and her account began to grow. “...[W]hen I started gaining momentum, it really motivated me to create more art. Having this new responsibility has pushed me more to enhance and develop my art,” Pei said.


Pei’s creative drive began in childhood. “I've been doing art my whole life,” the teen artist explained. “When I was really young, I used to draw on my parents’ furniture, walls, and drawers. I would even carve drawings into the family piano!"


A single glance at Pei’s platform reveals that she works in a few different mediums: pencil, watercolor, marker, and even sometimes doodling on blank stickers. Every artist has a distinct style, but not every artist can transfer their unique skills to all mediums they use. That’s a part of what makes Pei’s work in particular so spectacular.  


“I'd say working in different mediums has definitely helped me develop my different styles [of] fine art and illustration. Using more simple mediums like watercolor, pencil, marker, etc. has helped me develop my illustrative style. It’s just easier for me to be more experimental and to develop a more personalized style.”


Not many young artists can boast such a large following on social media, but Pei has advice for those who aspire to grow. “The most helpful thing I can tell young artists is never stop making art and never stop motivated each other,” she explained. “Making tons and tons of art is crucial to growing artistically. Pursuing art is a terribly hard path to follow. There’s so much competition and risk, but you can’t let that be a roadblock.


“Motivating each other—and encouraging other young artists—can motivate people to pursue their passion and chase their happiness.”

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Transcending Mediums with Angie Pei

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Feb. 26, 2018

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