Discussing Childhood Safehavens With April Rose Gabrielli

Written by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published Aug. 31, 2018

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From a young age, Gabrielli experienced her world through the lens of music. “I sat at my first piano around four or five years old and haven’t stopped since. At 12, I began writing a musical that I eventually produced at 17,” she said.


Gabrielli’s interest in the arts can be attributed to her biggest inspiration: her mother. The two would swap demo tapes back and forth, and it was even her mother who taught her piano. “I would show her all my recordings and ideas since I was very young and we even used to write music together,” she said.


The piano brings her back to the days of middle and high school, when the responsibilities weren’t as dire and every class was open for writing lyrics instead of studying. “Back then, I was able to indulge in complete silence, lots of emotions and tons of time,” said Gabrielli. “...Some of my best lyrical work was done in middle school and high school classes.”


Gabrielli’s band, The Rose Monarch, has been together since summer 2016. The self-ascribed “female-fronted alt rock group” encompasses both the eccentrism of their genre along with their powerful lyrics. Their EP, Echoes from the End, came a year after the band’s genesis. The haunting topic of mortality comes through in every beautiful line.


Gabrielli is currently on a solo summer tour with fellow creator Mae Krell. Her solo music is different from the bands, and she considers solo work a bit more freeing because it doesn’t always have to make sense. “I don’t have to consider representing the ideas of four other people… or bother explaining to them what any of my insanity actually means.” said Gabrielli.


This tour comes as the artist is working with several creators on different projects as well as new music with The Rose Monarch. With her hands in separate pots, her primary focus now is to tell honest stories.


“I hope that through sharing some stories and being honest about how I feel helps others to do the same. It’s really hard to be honest with yourself — but the world would be a better place if more of us were.”


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