Arbela Capas is a force to be reckoned with. The young blogger is not only a college student, but has a strong following on Instagram and is an editor for Substream Magazine. The Ohio-based writer has been sharing her stories across platforms for years.


Capas’ writing career began when she started writing in diaries in middle and high school. Her personal entries soon transformed into creative stories that she wrote and published on Tumblr. Her inspirations stemmed from different quotes that she would print out and paste on her wall. “I’ve always wanted to get so good at my writing that someone would take a quote of my writing and put it on their wall.”


When Capas went to college is when her interest in journaling ignited. As soon as she joined her college’s arts and culture magazine, she quickly realized her love for journalistic writing. But she’s not without struggles in her field. Capas describes herself as picky and overly self-critical. She worries that her point of view may not be unique on every story she takes. But Capas knows these traits as strengths, not weaknesses. She said they push her to find better things to write about and to write about those things better.


Capas credits her strong artist passion to her parents. Capas spent most of her early years in Lithuania, and while there, she began exhibiting signs that she had an interest in art. So her parents signed her up for “every art class offered in Lithuania”. As a child, she played the piano, danced, painted, and acted. Capas appreciates the love for creating that her parents fostered in her from an early age.


Writing as a career is something Capas never considered until she was in her sophomore year of college. She regrets this. After her self-described freshman slump, Capas did pursue journalism and since then, she’s become a great writer. Like with any skill, as she’s practiced, Capas has improved in her craft. She found her beat at the school’s art magazine, Vindicator. She’s become more brave and confident with sharing parts of herself with the world on her blog. And, as all writers do, eventually, she’s getting into the habit of breaking out the AP Stylebook to work on grammar. Occasionally.

Capas does a lot of things. Currently a college senior studying journalism and women’s studies, she also balances being an editor with Substream Magazine and the Vindicator’s editor-in-chief. She has a lot to think about, which is precisely why Capas revived her blog from its hiatus. The Battle Of Arbela is an outlet for her to create for creation’s sake, not to meet a deadline or satisfy a page count. It is raw and pure and a direct look into the woman herself. It serves as a form of self-care or therapy for her; it is an avenue for her to express what she’s feeling without judgment. “The reason I create is because it's always been the thing that I love.”

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Arbela Capas on writing as a career

Written by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published Feb. 16, 2018

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