AUGUST 6, 2018 

On Friday, the Japanese stock market knocked China out of its rank as the world’s second-largest stock market. The United States still sits at number one, but the competition for second place heated up when the US leadership decided to impose hefty tariffs - or targeted taxes of exports - on the Chinese market. However, some are skeptical about the shift and question how long it’ll last. Nonetheless, people are surprised.

Heading south towards the island nation of Indonesia, the population has been unfortunately ravaged by earthquakes for the past week, most recently getting hit by a 7.0 earthquake early Sunday morning. The death toll has risen over 80 and there is the potential for a tsunami to develop in the same area. Many are taking to social media to warn others and attempt to contact loved ones.

In the wake of such a killer quake, powerful footage of an Indonesian imam continuing his prayer while the floor beneath him shook.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, panic is brewing as 33 have already been confirmed dead in the latest outbreak of the Ebola virus. The news comes as a great shock a week after the government had confirmed that the last outbreak had ended. What we know so far is that there are 43 cases of the virus in 10 separate areas, and the health ministry suspects more.


Thankfully there are dedicated professionals working their hardest to stop this epidemic before it starts. Read one of their stories below.

In a surprising event that rivalves Lincoln at the theatre, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro survived an assassination-by-drone attempt on August 4 during a speech. The president was unharmed, but seven others, all military personnel, were injured. Footage of the drone exploding was captured by an onlooker’s cell-phone in a modern-day Zapruder.

Maduro says that the attack was arranged by the Colombian government, but the plot thickens as local firefighters report that the explosion was a gas explosion in a nearby apartment building. Which story do you believe, if it is either of these? Let us know below.

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