Achieving Your Aspirations with Benjamin Joe

Words by Sofia Elena Arzola

Published Dec. 28, 2018

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“Keep writing, write your a** off.”

These are the words of advice from writer Benjamin Joe. And these are the same words he’d like to pass on to aspiring writers, ones like he once was.

As a child, he’d play reporter and write stories for his own newspaper. Later on, he began writing short stories about robots, animals, and more. At the time, his family took note of Joe’s interest and encouraged it.


“I was lucky enough to be in a family that could afford sending me to workshops and camps—and books were all around me. I wanted to be one of those authors!” Joe exclaimed.


Fortunately for Joe, his long-lived aspirations led to more than just childhood camps. With hard work and the right connections, “that dream has pretty much been realized,” said Joe. “I work with a daily paper and write fiction in my free time. As I said, I’m lucky because I knew what I wanted to do and stayed true to that dream.”


Nowadays, Joe writes news articles regularly for the Niagara Gazette and the Lockport Union Sun & Journal. In addition to news writing, Joe has also written for IPWatchdog and the Ghost City Press.


However, writing isn’t Joe’s only job: he’s also a father.


“At this point Tyler is 14, so he has his own projects and we tend to work beside each other and exchange compliments and advice,” said Joe of his son. Not only does Joe express a partnership with his son, but also motivation from him.


“[H]aving a child can really motivate you to do as much as you can and the best you can. I really wanted to show my son that dreams can come true if you work long enough and hard enough.”


Despite any obstacles, Joe remains optimistic in all areas of his life. He is thankful to have earned what he has and encourages others to chase their dreams, too. In the words of the writer, “There are no roadblocks in life, just scenic detours.”

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