The World's A Stage With Casey Conroy

Written by Danielle Irene

Published July 27, 2018

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William Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” In the 21st century, we’ve discovered how right he is. Our overt internet society has made stages for anyone and everyone to use.


“It’s quite ironic. I used to have severe stage fright,” said Casey Conroy, an “alternative pop” singer based out of Orlando, Florida. She’s made use of the internet’s new definition of the stage.


Despite the irony, she remembers somehow always having a longing for the stage. “I did theatre in middle school and thought I was totally going to Broadway! That was my dream until I found songwriting.


“Music has always been my number one passion but it wasn’t until I really discovered my voice as an instrument in combination with my writing that I was like: ‘hey I could do this forever.’ Luckily, I caught myself [at] 13, where my passion was stronger than my fear, so I just went for it.”


Even though the artist is young, she boasts nearly 25,000 views on YouTube and a follower count that just keeps going up on every social network.


Conroy is definitely looking forward. “Right now, I’m pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone and listen to new music genres and styles that I haven’t really been exposed to. I want to become a better songwriter and performer and work to build a sound that is no one’s but my own.”


All the world’s a stage, and Casey Conroy is rockin’ it, but she’ll never forget why she decided to pursue this route.


Conroy remembers longing for the stage, but even more for that, she has longed for an audience. Because of her authenticity and hard work, Conroy is building up an audience that doesn’t just nod to the beat of her songs, but to the beat of her heart.


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