Cheyenne Barton is the aesthetic entrepreneur you should be aware of. Part-time Youtuber and blogger, full-time owner of Gentle and Ruthless, and green tea connoisseur, Barton does everything with a certain fervor and passion that it's impossible not to appreciate her drive and work.


Barton has always been a creator of some sort. When Barton was young, every day after school her mother would set up an hour of arts and crafts for both her and her sister to do before they began their homework. It's something that Barton looks back on fondly, as well as a practice she keeps up to this day: an hour of creative release, whether it be reading, making a YouTube video, or creating a new spread in her bullet journal.

Barton’s design career really took off during her last years of college when she began as an intern for a graphic designer. These events coincided with Barton’s discovery of the bullet journal system, which she immediately fell in love with. As soon as she had a handle on her personal system, Barton began to get more creative with her layouts and spreads, posting pictures of them on Tumblr. Slowly, the followers trickled in to see the various designs she conjured and appreciated her usage of space.


When asked about how she knew that she wanted to pursue art as a career, Barton cites her childhood, saying simply that she’s always been creative and that in some way, she always knew that whatever she ended up doing would be art-based. However, it was only in the past year that different avenues for art like illustration and lettering became options for pursuit. Barton acknowledges that a creative career can be taxing, but she’s ready for the challenge and can’t imagine doing anything else. Since she was in high school (a school for the arts), Barton has acknowledged that when your art becomes your work, it can become a chore instead of an outlet. Her solution: create something often that you don’t profit from.


“Create for yourself, not for your brand or your followers or anyone but yourself. Create something for the sake of creating, and art will never feel like just a job.”

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Creating with Cheyenne Barton

Written by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published Jan. 29, 2018

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