Carving Paths with Christina Chung

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Feb. 9, 2018

To perfectly capture an artistic vision with traditional, digital, and modern styles all at once is a blend every content creator aspires to achieve; the impact of such a fusion possesses the power to touch audiences of all walks of life.


Brooklyn-based illustrator Christina Chung utilizes her ability to fulfill the three sectors of style in every piece she creates. In October of 2014, Chung launched an Instagram profile to uplift her work, and since then, has amassed over 1.1 thousand followers on the platform.


Of her origins in her field, she said, “I discovered a Taiwanese illustrator named Jimmy Liao while doing research for a project in my art class. That was the first time I was ever exposed to the concept of illustration as a career. From there, I applied to art school and the rest is history!”


If you were to scroll through Chung’s Instagram page or website, you would notice a common thread. Besides the breathtaking art style, you would probably notice that her subjects are predominantly women of color. “It is very important to me,” she stated, “that unless it is specifically required in the illustration, that the subjects in my work are women of color.


“It’s important for diversity [to be] embraced to not only reflect the world that we live in, but also so that minorities are not made to be seen as or feel like ‘others’ in our society. Making the subjects in my work predominantly women of color is my little way of being part of the cause, because it starts with us.”


Chung has carved her own path. For years, she has been dignifying her beautiful, eccentric style of illustration that is drawn from pure bona fides. She has not let her personal values drown in the waves of commercial success; rather, in the process, let it help her reach success for the artist. Capturing influences from her own life generate the traditional, digital, and modern mingle of styles most wish to achieve.


“Be fearless and work hard,” Chung advised. “Don’t sit around waiting for the world to come find you. You have to knock on its door.”

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