Experiencing Life with Clara Tang


Written by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published April 20, 2018

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If you’re looking for something to fill an aesthetic void in your heart, you should look up Clara Tang. Her YouTube channel, clahrah, captures her life as a college student with all the struggles, ups and downs that go along with growing up. Its her gentle reminders of calamity, along with her Studio Ghibli references, that have given the creator nearly 50 thousand subscribers on the platform.


Tang attributes her start to her best friend Wing. Wing is an artist, and she is unbashfully an artist. “I was also very fortunate to watch her grow as an artist because I’ve known her for a long time. Seeing her grow artistically made me realize a part of her that enables her this growth: trust. She trusts her vision for what she wants to create.” Seeing this image of a confident artist that doesn’t hesitate to create. She is not reckless or careless, but she trusts in her own creative process and imagination. “She inspired me to share and create my art in the hopes of placing my mark on the world—regardless of how small the mark might be. The point is to make the mark anyway.”


Tang films moments that she wants to remember. That means moments of solitude, of triumph, of happiness, and mostly of gratefulness. A lot of it become moments and memories with her friends, some who live near and some from far away. By posting these online, it becomes easier for everyone to reminisce on their times together.


“One of my friends will sometimes message me to let me know she’s re-watching a specific moment that I’ve saved into a video. It makes me really happy because that means my art evokes gratitude for, not only myself, but for those around me as well.”


One could call Tang knit-picky; most would just say she’s thorough. When asked about her creative regrets, she responds with “the little things.” She might regret a shot in a video or a line in a poem and all these small infractions together make one large Regret (with a capital R). But she uses them as fuel. Fuel to get better and to make fewer tiny mistakes and to add more where the last project lacked.


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