Issue Four: Contrast 

For our fourth and final issue of this volume, we focused on contrast and what it meant. Often times, contrast finds itself in choices, conflicts, and in differences.


Contrast is standing out, but contrast is also about figuring out a balance between two extremes. We hope the stories in this issue inspire you to do something bold, to disrupt the status quo, and to demand to be heard. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that everybody has a story and that there’s always more being added to those stories.


We’ve grown just as you have, so we’re taking a moment now to reflect.


Though we might be exploring different themes with each issue, we’ve never left nostalgia and bittersweet memories behind. We’re still finding more about power and intersections. We’re learning more about how the intersections of our identities often play into what power we have, how those identities play into our perception of the past, how childhood and nostalgia looks different for everyone.


There’s contrast, at the center of our lives, at the center of every story we’ve ever heard, so we decided to dedicate a whole issue to it.

*Cover photo by Shriya Samavai / Modeled by Pom Pom Squad

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the stories from issue four