Illustrating Inequality with Evangeline Gallagher

Words by Danielle Irene

Published Nov. 16, 2018

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What’s black, white, and red all over? The art of Evangeline Gallagher, of course.


“Simple color palettes have always worked for me, so I tend to stick to them as a default. It helps me convey ideas more directly, and it also comes from a functional place of doing a lot of printmaking, where less colors means a more efficient printing process.”


Her art style manages to balance an inspiring mix of focusing on both the polished and unpolished, the busy and plain, the static and morphic, and the complicated and simple. Piecing together these observations, Gallagher’s self ascription of a “conceptual and editorial” illustrator makes sense.


Gallagher has more going on in her life than just her career. “Other than art, I love going to shows and listening to true crime podcasts, and I currently live in Baltimore with my three pet rats and my lovely partner.”


Being surrounded by the Baltimore scene means seeing the highest highs and the lowest lows of an American city, all compacted into a landmark town that isn’t too big or too overwhelming. Yet at the same time, light is shed on “how the violent and systemic inequalities at play in this city affect the people I interact with everyday,” said Gallagher. She added it “has made me more aware of my own biases and how much more I could be doing.”


The city of Baltimore is alive, and just like all else that is living, there are good aspects and bad aspects. “Although I didn’t move to Baltimore for college, there’s definitely a huge amount of privilege inherent in going to an affluent art school in a really mismanaged, impoverished city. I’m still in the process of being more involved and doing right by my community.”


Whether rough or smooth, light or dark—Evangeline Gallagher has an illustrative style that is bound to make you think a little. “I’ve been making art for most of my life,” she said, and let’s hope she doesn’t stop any time soon.


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