The Outlet of Art with Harmanpreet Bhatti

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Aug. 13, 2018

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Sometimes our lives appear to be steadily traveling down one road, but at some point, we encounter a roadblock. In such an instance, we have to ask ourselves what to do. We can 1) give up, or 2) find a creative solution.


Harmanpreet Bhatti is what happens when you pick the second option. The 23-year-old Connecticut resident works in the areas of both writing and photography. However, her creative journey didn’t actually start out creative at all.


“I’ve never really viewed myself as an artist,” she said. “In high school and college, my interests aligned more with math and the sciences than arts and the humanities. The idea seemed too time-consuming for me. After getting my degree in biology, I started graduate school at Yale University to study public health. Not once during this process did I consider doing anything that would stray from my path of becoming a public health professional.”


Even though Bhatti was traveling down a specific road, the stress of her college classes took her down a route that not only benefits the health of the public, but the health of Bhatti, too.


“The start of graduate school was incredibly stressful and time-consuming. I needed some sort of outlet to relieve that stress. The outlet I turned to was a blog I created at the end of my first semester of graduate school: ‘The Bakwaas Blog.’ [It] was originally just a place for me to post updates about my life and graduate school experiences, but it quickly became a way for me to share photographs and written pieces on subjects like self-care, positivity, and social interactions.”


Just reading a single paragraph of her blog posts reveals it’s easy to tell that Bhatti doesn’t create to confuse; she creates to convey. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, we can all appreciate the small but important life lessons Bhatti has to share.


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