Science and Syntax with Holly Parkinson

Words by Danielle Irene

Published Jan. 7, 2019

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Poet, student, and scientist Holly Parkinson has recently learned what you can do with a little time and a lot of passion.


Parkinson, who studies physics at undergraduate school, started writing poetry purely as a hobby when she was a kid. “According to my grandparents, I was dictating stories to be transcribed before I could properly write,” detailed she.


The poetic physicist is from Brighton, England. “Brighton will always be my home, no matter how far I stray; I consider myself incredibly lucky to have grown up there,” Parkinson commented. Nowadays, her home city is a source of inspiration for her to reflect back on and inject into her poetry “from the Royal Pavilion to the sea.”

Between poetry and her self-ascribed “riot grrl band,” Parkinson has various idiosyncratic spaces to translate her inspiration into her own inner thoughts and passions. And from there, inner thoughts become reality. “A lot of people find it surprising that I’m a creative also,” she explained. “[M]y perspective is often a methodical, at times clinical, one, which I think differs from a lot of traditional poets.”


Whether she’s the observer or the subject, one thing’s for sure: she’s the creator. A creator who is just as willing to share her work as she is to create it.


You can keep up with Holly on her Instagram and Twitter and read her work here:

Girls In Clubs / A Place That Wasn't Mine / An Epilogue To My Father 


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