Issue Three: Intersections 

For our third issue, we focused on intersections—both literal and figurative. The creators featured in this issue explored their themselves and their surroundings: from street intersections to parts of their identity. We learned to grow, to go in directions we haven’t gone before, and more importantly, to use our passion and hunger for change—not only for our communities, but for ourselves, because that’s what issue two inspired us to do.


Whoever you are, we hope these stories inspire you to begin defining your life and your story on your own terms, and we hope you’ll find that sometimes the roadblocks and obstacles you run into can be good. The stories here mean a lot to us. We hope that some day, they will to you, too.


We spent just under three months on this issue, starting the process just a week after issue two’s release. It’s pricey and stressful running a publication from just a few laptops and phones while dealing with high school. That being said, the easiest way for you to support Aspirants Magazine is to get a copy of the issue and to tell your friends, family, and followers about us.

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