Stumbling into Creativity with Isaac Jeong 

Words by Sofia Elena Arzola

Published Nov. 26, 2018

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Much like many other internet creators, Isaac Jeong didn’t set out to pursue his craft.


“I just stumbled into all of this. No background in fashion or photography,” the self-ascribed “part-time writer, streetwear stylist, and content creator” told Aspirants.


Based in the suburb of Rockville, Maryland—about a half hour away from Washington, DC—Jeong believes that his environment shapes his creativity and the way he thinks. But he also believes this isn’t unique to just him. “I believe current environments definitely impact the way we think and put the pieces in front of us together,” said Jeong.


Jeong believes that the connection between physical and mental environments play a significant part in the creative process. “[A]lthough my physical environment didn’t change drastically [for a while], the way I perceive different ideas has changed quite a bit since I started this venture.”


When Jeong first began his venture, he, like many other young men with an interest in fashion, initially focused on wearing as many famous brand names as possible in one outfit. The goal at first was not to express or create, but to flaunt.


Compared to when he first started out, Jeong’s attitude and perspective has most definitely changed, having shifted his focus to giving his followers ideas of outfits with items they probably already own and have hanging in their closet.


Jeong told Aspirants about his struggle with the impact of mass consumerism and copycat fashion. “I think people get too caught up in trying to keep up with their friends and the people they follow on social media to look a certain way.”


He believes fashion should be for the people, for expression, for personality. “At this point, we’re missing the point of dressing ourselves. It’s for ourselves.


However, not all of Jeong’s content creation has the same strict, chronological process. Some content is casual and on the fly, while larger projects have some basic planning to it. Each project differs, but there is a base skeleton the content creator follows.


Though Jeong acknowledges the influence of his upbringing, born of a Korean father and a Japanese mother, he doesn’t feel it reflects in his work often. “My Korean roots have some influence, but I’ve lived in so many different countries growing up and my household has mixed cultures as well.


The stylist never really saw himself going into the arts, “probably because I had the wrong notion about what creativity means and the value of it in all aspects of life.”


He believes that creativity is in all parts of our lives; it is a major element that “decides if we can succeed in our ventures, particularly in business.”


He’s growing as a creator and in his craft and follows his creative impulses. Jeong elaborated, “I’ve actually shifted my focus away from content creation to scratch a different itch, so I’m only shooting simple videos for myself whenever I have time.”


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