JULY 23, 2018 

President Trump has made an accusation on the economic integrity of the international circuit.  More specifically, he believes China and the European Union manipulate their currencies, as he tweeted Friday.

This isn’t the first time the idea of currency manipulation has popped up, especially regarding China. However, President Trump kickstarted an interesting conversation. Many believe that American presidents are not supposed to directly address monetary policy; at least, that’s what decades of unspoken tradition throughout administrations has said.

But is what President Trump saying accurate, anyway? Do China and the EU manipulate their currencies? Is a stronger dollar a good thing? The opinions diverge.

Speaking of diverging, the California Supreme Court blocked Proposition 9 from the November 2018 ballot. In other words, the option to vote for or against splitting California into three states (dubbed under a variety of names) won’t be on this year’s ballot. Talk of making the 50 states of America into 52 states of America has been around for a while, so this conversation isn’t exactly new. While the general consensus is that striking down this idea is a good move, strong opinions from still emerge from all sides.

While the prospect of California splitting three ways may have a humorous side to it, not every story today does. After over 200 interviews, more than 100 former students of Ohio State University, the highest ranked public university in Ohio, have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against a former team doctor: Dr. Richard Strauss. He was the team doctor for more than fifteen years, which makes sense as to why there were so many interviews (and more to come), all being conducted by independent investigators.


There was a report of Strauss’ misconduct during his employment period, but nothing was done. Strauss died by suicide in 2005. While many of the victims have publicly expressed gratefulness and relief to come forward with their truths, some wonder why it took so long for the university to investigate the matter.

Even further, just this past week Representative Jim Jordan has started being looked at for answers, as many strongly believe he knew of the sexual abuse while it was happening but chose to remain silent.

In sports and international news, Kazakhstani Olympic figure skater Denis Ten was stabbed to death in an attempted robbery July 19. He was 25 years old. His peers and admirers alike mourn his death.

In today’s treacherous world, it’s easy to feel powerless. It’s easy to feel like your opinion in politics, current events, and pop culture doesn’t matter—but it does.

If you have any comments or opinions to share on this week’s Current State of the World, comment them below.

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