JÜV Consulting: Rewriting the Narrative Around Youth

Words by Ry Lei

Published Nov. 19, 2018

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Nick Jain, Ziad Ahmed, and Melinda Guo were scrolling down Instagram when they noticed the first integrated ads that started reaching users’ feeds. A large number of these ads targeted teenagers, but none of them resonated with the demographic companies were trying to reach.


It soon became second nature to simply ignore these ads. But at some point, the three teenagers decided it was necessary to remodel the way companies attempted to market toward Generation Z, defined as those born from 1995 to 2010.


“We, young people, exist in a three-dimensional world—we can advocate for ourselves, always,” wrote Ahmed and Jain. “We know that our generation uniquely understands the digital world, our trends, how to meme, and how to build movements, so if anyone should be profiting off of that, it should be us.”


That’s how JÜV Consulting was born. Like many youth-led movements and organizations, it’s rooted in hunger for change and an urge to disrupt the status quo.


As youth activists, Ahmed and Jain often found themselves the only teenagers in rooms full of adults. The adults were industry leaders, politicians, usually over 30-years-old, and they wanted to talk about teenagers.


That’s the problem.


“You shouldn’t be talking about young people, you should be talking to us. Young people are out here changing the game, so if you aren’t giving us a seat at the table—you are missing the point,” said Ahmed.

Social media, for now, is where many young people are being heard.


“Because of social media, we can feel connected to people thousands of miles away with vastly different lived experiences,” explained Ahmed. “Millennials learned social media to share their lives—whereas we use social media as stages to perform our best selves, to disrupt the status quo, and to shape the world that we live in.”


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