Meeting “Poet and Star Girl” Keren Chelsea Guevara

Words by Isha Devyani Chirimar

Published Jan. 4, 2019

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Keren Chelsea Guevara believes in “softness, in writing as a revolution, in art as a healer, and in you.” Her writing has the unique capability of channeling a certain energy in readers that many poets strive to achieve throughout their careers, which Guevara has nailed at age 22. Her poetry deals with issues of “girlhood, godship, love, and light” without holding back. It’s clear when reading her poetry that she pours all of her heart into every line break, comma, enter return, and full stop.


Because Guevara draws on her surroundings, a lot of the themes she writes about and her relationship to them stem from her hometown: Laguna, Philippines. As unfortunately is the case with most non-Western countries, white characters and erasure of the native culture was something Guevara had to deal with while she grew up. She said, “The oversaturation of Western media and culture has affected my writing a lot when I was younger. Despite my living situation, I was overexposed to white characters. Seeing an abundance of white characters in Western settings and a lack of brown characters in similar situations I was in, was a challenge growing up.”


Through her poetry, Guevara now works to change this fact about media. She puts brown characters in the spotlight instead of shying away from them, bringing much needed representation into the creative world. “I’m not afraid to write about things that matter to me, in relation to who I am as a Filipina and in relation to my setting here in the Philippines.”


In Feb. 2018, Guevara escalated her advocacy of feminine energy by publishing a poetry book, GIRL / GOD, “written for every woman who loves women. It’s about God, about love, and about girls. It tells the story of women loving women, and of God not being angry about this.


“It’s a very personal book, born from my heart and soul and everything in between.” The book is available for purchase on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle edition.


Positive representation, positive role models, and positive media are needed. Guevara is bringing just that.


You can keep up with Keren here:

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