Being an Artist in the Internet Age with Kevin Fides

Written by Danielle Irene

Published April 27, 2018

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Photo of Fides by Savannah.


For some of us, making a living in the age of the internet is the only type of lifestyle we’ve ever known. Buzz words such as “networking,” “sharing,” “follows,” “likes,” and “engagement” are all terms the modern media mogul is familiar with. But the way it is now isn’t the way it has always been.


Think back to twenty years ago. “It must have been really hard to put your work out there. It was more expensive and took a longer time,” said photographer Kevin Fides, who has amassed more than 7.2 thousand followers on Instagram and 2.2 thousand followers on Twitter.


“In the past, I would have had to build up a portfolio, send it to magazines, and hope to get one partnership. But with the internet, we are able to even make a living out of doing what we love just by sharing our work. When you have your work out there and enough people like it, magazines and companies reach out to you. That’s something new.”


In terms of stylistic preferences, one glance at Fides’ Instagram reveals that his editing style is noticeably consistent: warm and earthy with an emphasis on camera angle. Many times, the subjects in Fides’ photos appear lean and geometrical because of the camera angle and pose struck by the model.


“I think it’s our responsibility to tackle social issues that are happening around us. As artists,” he concluded, “I think we have a sort of power to spread word and speak our minds.”


As long as the modern artist remains self-aware and emphasizes growth in their own process, the negative dualities of the internet can be avoided. To summarize it all, Fides said, “I would tell other people not to focus on having the picture be perfect. When I stopped caring about that, it all got better.”

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