Capturing the world around us with Lana Wagner

Written by Danielle Irene

May 14, 2018

“Art is a lens that helps us better understand other people’s perspectives. In our increasingly polarized society, art is the powerful tool we need to bridge the gap.”


When asked what power art and expression has in our society, 14-year-old photographer Lana Wagner had no hesitation with her answer. As someone who employs both the literal and figurative lens, she is firm in her stance that art is a powerful tool.


Being dually skilled in the film and digital mediums, one image can radiate a completely different tone from another all because of the the type of film roll Wagner chose to insert. On her Instagram, she showcases both somber, monochrome photos of street life and calming, color photos of her subjects.


As a New York City native, Wagner has plenty of different subjects One glance at her work reveals that much of the messages she tries to communicate are drawn from the people and places around her. “New York City provides inspiration for my work because of its vibrant energy and diversity. I love walking around any neighborhood and finding unexpected and captivating details to incorporate into my art.”


But the young artist does more than just watch the city. She is apart of it. “I am also inspired by the energy and diversity of my peers. I enjoy exploring [the] city with my friends, and photography allows me to capture the excitement of our discoveries.”

14-year-old Wagner believes art is a lens—a tool, an aid. “I hope my art can help people see the world and others in new and interesting ways,” said Wagner. “My aim is to show the viewer points they can connect with themselves, while highlighting and celebrating our differences.”

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