Writing Outside the Box with Lauren Adams

Written by Danielle Irene

Published July 30, 2018

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If you’ve ever opened a streaming service or an online media store, you probably noticed everything is categorized. You want music? You want books? You want films? Pick a genre.


For a 15-year-old writer by the name of Lauren Adams, she doesn’t let categorization limit her. She literally thinks outside of the box. Instead of conforming to a label, she just is; untailored and unfiltered.


“I write what I feel. If I’m feeling sad, I write it down to clear my head. If I’m feeling euphoric, I write it down to [remember].”


Adams is based in a small Georgia city just 20 minutes away from Atlanta. “On Friday nights, you’ll most likely find me watching sitcoms or romance movies—my guilty pleasure. I’ve always loved writing, whether it was an essay for school or a creative piece that I wrote on my own time. Since drawing nor music have ever been my forte, I found that I was able to express myself using my writing, and ever since then it's just become a part of who I am.”


But her pursuit of language arts didn’t come out of nowhere. Not only is it a love of hers, but Adams credits her eighth grade English teacher and her father for supporting her ventures. “The amount of support I’ve gotten from everyone I shared my writing with is why I decided to continue creating.”


Being young and straying from what might be considered conventional tends to come with many tribulations. The loudest voices seem to be the inner and outer critics, so surround yourself with people who support you. Regardless of others, only you control your passion.


As stated by Adams, “[I]f you’re feeling discouraged by your writing, don’t give up, Even though I still have yet to feel entirely confident in my writing, I know that I love what I do and it makes me happy.”


Adams doesn’t conform to a box, good or bad. You don’t have to either. “Whatever it is that makes you happy, don’t stop, and hopefully you’ll start to appreciate it all.”


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