The Music of Dreaming with Maunder

Written by Danielle Irene

Published July 19, 2018

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“I started writing and producing music when I was fifteen, and essentially spent the next five years teaching myself. I wanted to make something that I could stand proudly next to, and I knew that I needed time to figure out what I wanted to say and how to say it.”


That’s the backstory of Maunder in a nutshell. Maunder is the stage name of an independent pop musician new to the music scene. As is disseminated throughout his various social media accounts, the word “maunder” means “in a dreamy or idle manner.”


His music is dreamy indeed. Take one listen to his songs and you’ll agree. His sound is simultaneously distant but close; grounded yet weightless, and sweet yet substantial.


“I’m twenty now,” the singer commented, “and am making tunes that I feel are honest pieces of myself.”


Of his first single, “Nervous,” released in late April, Maunder stated, “I wrote ‘Nervous’ about a year ago. This song discusses my occasional anxiety around human connection, whether that be between friends, lovers, or even strangers. I love people so much, but it’s a constant fear of mine that I’ll subconsciously find a way to screw up my relationships.”


Maunder’s honesty is a strong segue to build a solid connection with his blooming audience. His theme of honesty is continued in his second single, which was released in early June. “‘Amplitude’ [is] more upbeat than ‘Nervous,’” compared Maunder, “and celebrates the idea of embracing your issues while simultaneously working to better yourself if you want to.”


Be on the lookout for this young, new artist. Maunder is slowly emerging into the indie scene, and it’s easy to see why he’s gaining popularity. As an early artist who already has the cohesiveness of a seasoned one, his music is right at the sweet spot between tangible and intangible sound. No matter your musical preference, taking ten minutes out of your day to listen to both Maunder’s tracks is worth it; the Maunder sound is music to make peace with the soul—in a dreamer or idle manner.


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