Art, Enthusiasm, and Physics with Michelle Choi 

Words by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published Nov. 24, 2018

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Michelle Choi, owner of the blog and Youtube channel The Seoul Search, gives us a look into her perspective every time she hits record or sits down to write a post. The blogger and vlogger boasts over six thousand subscribers with the number ever climbing, all those experiencing life from Choi’s point of view.


The Seoul Search Youtube channel features studying and lifestyle videos, and even a few covers. “It’s hard to identify a specific niche The Seoul Search belongs in because on one hand it’s very much so a fashion/lifestyle community, but on the other hand it’s very academic-based,” said Choi. In all of her videos, you can see the unlikely yet harmonious balance of academia and artistry. Whether it be in the hand-drawn transitions or the framing of each shot, she has managed to add creative touches to the most astute conversations.

Creating is a piece of Choi’s soul (or Seoul). She describes herself as a lifelong creator who thrives when she creates, whether it be a piece of writing, a song, a dance, or a video. “Making things … has been something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. I’m addicted to the satisfaction that comes after publishing.” That passion for making something, no matter what it is, was the drive to starting The Seoul Search.


The Seoul Search has changed a lot over the past few years. At first, the blog was exclusively a fashion and do-it-yourself hub, a place where Choi could post about her latest creations. “When I created the blog, I was super into manufacturing my own clothes and wanted to DIY my entire wardrobe. Then,” she describes, “over time, school became much more demanding— word of warning: don’t ever take differential equations and linear algebra in the same semester— and my time to sew dwindled quite a bit!”


For the past four years, she’s been working out of the same bedroom, but recently Choi has made the move to UC Davis. While her time in her previous room had offered her lots of opportunity for creative growth, she says she’s ready for a change. For Choi, it’s not the room that makes the process, it’s the quiet moments. “I feel the biggest sparks of inspiration at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of lectures, midterms, and late at night when I’m moments from falling asleep! Something about the incredible stillness and focus of the moment sends all of my creative sparks firing.”


These moments can be found anywhere, whether in Davis or at home, doing physics or editing a video, writing a blog post or completing some differential calculus. The still moments, the inopportune times (as Choi calls them) are the basis of Choi herself, straight to her Seoul.


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