Personalizing Productivity with Mossery Stationery

Written by Danielle Irene

Published July 2, 2018

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The year: 2011. The place: Etsy. The legend: only beginning.

For the average student in the 2010s, it’s not uncommon to mark “cute” as one of the necessary boxes to check off when shopping for study supplies. In the age of studyblrs (“study” + “Tumblr”), studygrams (“study” + “Instagram”), and studytubes (“study” + “YouTube”), the desire to create a visually appealing study space is on the rise.

Enter Mossery. Boasting 123,000 Instagram followers and counting, the company is definitely checking the “cute” box for today’s students. Mossery is a stationery company based in Malaysia. 

One of the key characteristics of Mossery is the ability to personalize your purchase: add your name, pick the paper, pick the size—it’s up to you.

“Customization allows our customers to express themselves via the choices of designs they pick and the name personalization they put on their books. We believe this adds value.”

While Mossery is now a hit company standing on its own feet, it didn’t start out that way. “Co-founder Vivian started Mossery as a personal project in 2011. She was a graphic design student and was interested in paper products as well as e-commerce. We started out on Etsy, a marketplace platform, where the community was very keen on looking for unique handmade products and incredibly supportive of small businesses. Jun, the other co-founder of Mossery, joined later on to help with the rebranding in 2014, and because he was so interested in starting his own company, he decided to offer himself as a partner of the company.”

If your study or work space could use a bit of cheering up, the customizable stationery of Mossery might be for you. They offer planners, notebooks, sketchbooks, stickers, washi tape, writing utensils, bags, and more. Yeah, more.

While Mossery has accomplished a lot, they are still looking toward the future. “We truly hope to see more and more people use our products, and that there will be opportunities to speak to our customers and supporters personally about how else we might be able to help them.”

The year: 2018. The place: everywhere. The legend: only beginning

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