Regrets and Remixes with 22-year-old Murphey

Written by Ry Lei

Published Sept. 10, 2018

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Growing up means letting go of a lot of your childhood, but some parts of it are harder to get rid of; you’ll always remember melodies of the old songs your parents used to sing or play on the car radio. 

For 22-year-old musician Murphey, it’s the raw, honest energy and the vocal harmonies of Queen that he’ll never forget. In fact, even though his music taste has evolved since his childhood, he still seeks those raw and honest elements in music.

At 19, he’d already infiltrated London’s music scene.

“I lived about an hour away from London—I used to take the train down to my own small gigs or participate in open mic nights and I’d have to stay at friends’ houses and sleep on their sofas a lot,” he recalled. “Luckily, where I am is full of creatives and that culture has opened my eyes to a lot of experiences and has given me a space to experiment with my music.”

After leaving a band, he began identifying with the idea that his music could be entirely his own; no compromises with other band members or playing it safe for the ears of others, even if it meant sleeping on sofas and crashing at friends’ houses.

The independent artist doesn’t plan on letting himself or those around him forget about his humble beginnings. Some would say he’s still getting through the beginning, and he takes pride in that.

He’s an unsigned artist and he wears that label proudly. Right now, he’s busy figuring himself out through music: taking hits, accepting failures, and moving on are just a small part of his story, and that’s just one of the messages he hopes to share with his listeners.

“It’s okay if it’s messy, because it’s about going with the flow and balancing it out,” he said.

As he grows up, Murphey’s learning how to go with the flow, letting go of the past, and taking control of his own story. He understands the advantage of creating his own start and finish, his own paths, and his own intersections.

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