Nina Ines Ward & the Grand Scheme of Poetry

Words by Danielle Irene

Published Jan. 25, 2019

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Nina Ines Ward uses every opportunity she has to speak her mind and move; move herself and her audience.


“I don’t write in the hopes of being understood, or necessarily saying something which is new or relevant or important in the grand scheme of things. Just being able to say anything is enough,” she said.


Ward is a 23-year-old writer based in England. She is attending graduate school at The University of Sussex for Creative and Critical Writing, but her love for writing blossomed years before.


While poetry holds a special place in her heart, it’s far from Ward’s only lingual area of skill. “Poetry was where I started to find my voice, but I much prefer writing across different genres, including memoir and essay.”


Although the university student has enjoyed writing from a young age, the form only become influential for her at a specific time in her life. “[T]he creative process became important to me after my father passed away when I was 11. I wrote a eulogy for his funeral and started to write poetry shortly afterwards.


“In my mind, it was like there was no other option for me but to write down my thoughts, mainly because grief is such a difficult thing to talk about. Throughout high school, I struggled to connect to other people my age because I have grieving; instead I sat and wrote poetry and lyrics because I felt like there was no where else for the words to go.”


To Ward, writing is a rare type of outlet that she’s been able to be honest with throughout her adolescence. To this day, that hasn’t changed.

You can keep up with Ward on Instagram.


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