Growing with Nneka Nnagbo

Written by Danielle Irene

Published Feb. 5, 2018

As if viewing her Instagram profile isn’t sweet enough, Nneka Nnagbo’s smiling face and warm presence add to her already inspiring spirit. As a writer and film photographer, Nnagbo has learned the trick of intertwining two art forms—creative writing and photography—to convey one message.

Because of her artistic eye, Nnagbo has amassed over one thousand followers on Instagram. There, she posts her photography and promotes her work that often gets published in various online publications.

Similar to her inspirations, Nnagbo’s work speaks for itself. She doesn’t feel the need to re-explain or elaborate upon an idea once it has been put out into the world. It just is, and that should be enough.

But Nnagbo knows she wouldn’t be where she is without her creative inspirations. And all she hopes is to be that inspiration for someone else. “Don’t be shy. Don’t give up on your passions. If you look up to someone who is doing something that you like and admire and are inspired by, don’t be shy to reach out to them for guidance. Learn as much as you can from them. Ask them questions.”

At the end of the day, Nnagbo’s essence is that of a kind artist who is constantly growing. “I try to depict love and light through my photos and I try to showcase love and life in my writing. Ultimately, with my art, I want to inspire people. If they can relate to something I’ve written or a photo I’ve taken, that lights up my soul.”

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