Documenting Influence with Olivia Arcaro


Written by Ndemazea Fonkem

Published April 23, 2018

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Olivia Arcaro is an Aussie teen icon. Both fashion blogger and writer, the seventeen year-old is making a name for herself with her expansive vocabulary and original spin on her world.


Arcaro has always wanted to be a writer, but has other artistic passions, such as acting and singing. She is studying Theatre and has had major roles in school productions, although she says her main focus is still writing. But no matter where she lands, Arcaro demands a creative focus. “I couldn’t do anything professionally if it wasn’t creative.”


You can find all of her writing on The Thought Canteen. It’s Arcaro's blog that she started in September of last year and it is filled to the brim with words. The background of the homepage are pages from Arcaro's personal journal, creating a sincerity from the moment you click.


The Thought Canteen is not only a hub for her thoughts, but an answer to those around Arcaro that encouraged her to publish her writing. This way, she has full creative control over everything. On there you can find everything from interviews with musicians to lookbooks and fashion advice. It’s a well-formulated look into Arcaro's unique perspective.


Arcaro says that she’s seen a lot of growth in her own writing in the past couple of years. Not only has she improved on her technical skills, but her style has evolved and matured as she has. She’s also shedding her insecurities about sharing her work and welcomes constructive criticisms. With the transformation of Arcaro's beliefs and opinions during these formative teenage years, she’s also growing as an artist.

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