Aspirants Magazine: An Origin Story of Sorts

Written and illustrated by Cath Lei

Published Jan. 1, 2018

Where and when we were is a chapter of our lives we sometimes wish didn't happen, but it matters, even if we don't want it to.


Ever find yourself staring at the same couple of faces on every magazine? It all starts to look the same, doesn't it? Aspirants was created to bring the "new" to an industry dominated by the "old."


We thought, what about the poets who never had their words read, or the painters who never got to show anyone their paintings? Or the musicians who were never heard?


That's how the idea for Aspirants came about: in a grocery store, in front of a magazine rack. It's that "something else," and that "something new."


To read part two of our story, Where We're Going, get your copy of issue one today!


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