Honing Female Energy with Abigail Berger

When Abigail Berger picked up my call, she had just gotten out of school. The 17-year-old photographer was eager to share her story as an artist who has amassed over 6.5 thousand followers on Instagram, earning partnerships with creative platforms Adolescent Content and GirlGaze. Berger is still learning the balancing act between obligation and passion—just like the rest of us.

Berger’s photography tends to utilize saturation and lighting to communicate the rich inspiration she gathers from the world around her, transforming it into something new. “I’m very devoted to my inner world and imagination. I’ve always had imaginary friends and am heavily inspired by music. My style now is so unique but I never meant it to be a certain way.”

Originally deriving inspiration from big brands, the teen photographer had a point in her life where she found herself swept up in gaining likes and followers instead of creating for the sake of the art. “Once I stopped trying to please everyone else, I realized I should focus my energy to pleasing myself as an artist. I realized that there are stories in my life that I wanted to share with the world. And that’s when my art had meaning.”

“Once I stopped trying to please everyone else, I realized I should focus my energy to pleasing myself as an artist.”

The power of female energy is a key theme in Berger’s work. “For me, the female gaze is extremely important,” she stated. “It is a viewpoint that has been oppressed for quite some time. Females have been assigned [roles] that haven’t come from ourselves, but rather from the men around us; there are images that they want to put onto us because we’re women. In that way, the female gaze is important. Women are the thing that inspire me the most. I never choose men [as inspiration or models], and that’s not intentional—I’m just drawn to feminine energy.”

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