Globetrotting with Chanelle Bonnici

Chanelle Bonnici, formerly known as @passporttoanywhere on Instagram, is a twenty-year old international student and world traveller who has amassed over three thousand followers on the platform.

What is Instagram to Bonnici? It’s changed over the years. She believes the height of her social media career is over though -- that came when she was in the tail end of high school. At the time, her brother had a growing YouTube channel and she was inspired to try and become an influencer herself. It was something that was important to her at the time, and she describes it as less than a career path but more than a hobby. As she’s gotten older, however, its morphed back into a hobby.

Her love for travel comes from her parents. Born to immigrant parents (her father from Malta and her mother from Germany and Canada), she grew up travelling all over to see family for holidays and vacations. That’s why now, as a twenty year old, she’s comfortable with flying across the globe. So comfortable, in fact, she’s trying to make it her job. She studies primarily in France, but is currently doing an exchange semester in Singapore. During the summers, she’s had internships in both Italy and Germany. Her work/travel balance is easy to find as when she works, she travels.

Chanelle Bonnici, a Rhode Island native, brings back stories of adventure and intrigue from her many days spent exploring the world, and sometimes, even photographing it.

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