Creative Obstacles with Zephani Jong

Every creative has that one person that they look to for inspiration; someone who has remarkable talent in whatever they do and unabashedly presents their art to the world. For a lot of people, that person is Zephani Jong. The young artists dabbles in many things like photography and singing, but her main vocation is drawing. Her art has earned her over 18 thousand followers over her Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

Jong’s Instagram account started in 2012, 6 years ago, when the first wave of people made the platform move from Facebook. It was her first form of social media and thought she could use it to keep track of friends and family, never expecting it to take her this far. To Jong, Instagram is not just another form of social media, but it is a place for people to present themselves in a multitude of ways and express themselves in whichever way they choose, either casually or professionally. It’s also an avenue to connect with others all over the world, which has been a perk for Jong, a resident of small town Maryland.

Like many, one of the biggest obstacles she faced with her art was the timesuck of school. “I would have very little time to draw or paint or to take pictures and edit, but I’ve learned to make time for it since I am passionate about it.” she says. Although she appreciated her education, she acknowledged that it was one of the things that would just have to be dealt with. By utilizing some great time management skills, Jong found the time to doodle whenever she found a spare second, either during boring lectures or in between different classes. It’s something she says has been a struggle, but as she’s made the jump into college and has the ability to tailor her courseload to a more art-focused curriculum, she’s found a great compromise between her obstacle and her art.

Zephani Jong’s unique style of art mixed in with pops of color makes both her Instagram and Tumblr extremely intincing to look at. The young visual artist is a whirlwind and truly an up-and-coming name to know.

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See more of Zephani on Instagram and Tumblr.


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