Shooting with Paige Wilson

Paige Sara Wilson has probably already photographed your favorite artist. With notables under her belt such as Harry Styles, Lana Del Rey, The 1975, All American Rejects, Paramore, and others, the young photographer has been making a name for herself not only in concert portraiture, but in every vein of modern photography. Her unique style and the way she uses color and light to tell a story in each image set her apart from the rest.

For her modern shoots, Wilson gets her inspiration from everywhere. She’s able to derive different moods and tones from the world around her and channel that into her art. Her living space has been an area of heavy influence for her. She lives in a historic building mostly inhabited by artists and she describes it as “a truly inspiring place to be”, so much so that Wilson has done several shoots inside her apartment building. Wilson, ever the music fan, credits Led Zeppelin as a heavy influence in her style. The band’s 1973 concert documentary, The Song Remains The Same, captures the band in beautiful, vibrant color from every angle, and Wilson draws from it for inspiration, especially during her concert shoots.

Making a profession out of your point of view and transforming vulnerability and personal outlook into a paycheck could easily shake some people. But not Wilson. Despite accurately weighing the consequences and long-term effects of her profession, she takes a positive stance on her impact. As with all people who are self-employed or work freelance, there is a certain unpredictability with the amount of work and when it arrives. This can have a negative impact on the freelancer’s social life because it makes work the number-one priority all the time. Wilson concurs with this conclusion, saying, “The work comes and goes and sometimes you’re bored out of your skull, wanting to work and wondering when your next paycheck will come in, but sometimes you’re so busy you have to turn down shoots.”

Despite any and all tribulations, Wilson is happy in her career choice. However, her contentedness did not spring about because she is simply doing her job, but because she is growing with it. The past year brought with it new projects outside of Wilson’s comfort zone like music videos and album covers, but she says her growth spawned as her projects became larger and more complex, giving her different roles to play in each part of the creative process. For these chances to work and increase her skills, she is extremely appreciative. “I think that it's really amazing the way my clients, old and new, have grown more trusting of me and my work. Recently, they’ve given me bigger jobs, more popular artists to work with, and propelled me in my career and I could not be more grateful for each and every opportunity presented to me.”

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See more of Paige's work on her website.


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