A.D. Wells: Homegrown Indie Musician

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

While we all wish to pursue are dreams, there is a definite distinction between a theoretical pursuit and implementing those feelings and making them a reality. As much as we may wish to, not many people who want to produce creative works have the chance, ability, or time to see them out to fruition. But for one 21-year-old New Yorker, getting a chance to make his own music was both a deep desire and reality.

A.D. Wells is a musician who is able to make the leap beyond wishful fantasy into implementation. On May 31, he released The West Hollywood Broken Hearts Club, his first LP. It perfectly demonstrates his unorthodox approach to music and the various feelings that can be elicited when listening to him.

Wells’ grassroots indie style has elements of both distance and indescribability that showcase in various aspects of his songs. Through his selective use of isolated instruments—like a recurring motif of solo keyboards—his personal blend of techno elements and homespun flair, Wells creates a distinct listening experience that feels experimental and fresh.

A.D. Wells is an unsigned artist, meaning he is in full control of the creation and distribution processes. In his experience, Wells will readily admit to heavy amounts of responsibility he had to undertake, but in his mind, it was more than worth the work.

“The process was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Making up the press kits, putting together the physical copies, making the promo art [and] posts, designing the aesthetics of the record, doing press even! [The process is] enjoyable when it’s something you are passionate about.”

A.D. Wells is an artist with many goals and motivations. Whether it is displaying his personal voice, honoring his community, or handling unsigned artistry, he always stays true to his genesis and intrinsic abilities. And as he reflects on his accomplishments and looks forward to new projects, he has one main intention.

“My biggest goal right now is just to be heard.”

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To stay up to date with A.D. Wells, follow him on social media below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adwells/

Email: adwellsmusic@gmail.com

Images: A.D. Wells

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