Activating the World with Pranjal Jain

Five years ago, a 12-year-old girl saw a need in the world. A need to make it better, to make it kinder, to make it different—to inspire change. Not every 12-year-old thinks like that, but Pranjal Jain did. She still does.

Today, Jain is 17 years old. Having seen the need for change in her younger years, she truly followed through on her passion in her teenage years.

“It started with me creating lesson plans and workshops to galvanize people in my community to work to prevent bullying,” Jain recalled of her middle school years. “Currently, I have branched out my creative endeavors, and have created rallies, events, articles, and of course, lesson plans to further important social justice causes.”

While the Gen Z activist found her first few pathways to influencing change in her local community, Jain has discovered there is another route that can prove even more influential: social media.

Through the influence of social media, Jain has now kickstarted a whole online brand.

“I am currently working with my close friends Deja Foxx and Arielle Geismar on a new Instagram community called @GenZGirlGang.”

The mission of the Gen Z Girl Gang is simple: “to redefine sisterhood, create and share opportunities, and bridge generational gaps among females.”

Jain spoke excitedly about the organization. Having just launched in late April, the Instagram platform has already fostered thousands of followers.

“For me, passion has always been the most important and guiding idea in my life. My passion has always been to help people. I love to use my voice to incite change and make a difference.”

Jain is no longer a 12-year-old girl, but she’s still set on changing the world.

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Words by Danielle Irene / Photos by Alisha Barday

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