Ahmad Atere Jr.’s Journey Through Poetry

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Ahmad Atere Jr., a 23-year-old poet from Ilorin, Nigeria, has found himself enamored with the written word, a gift that he never expected to receive. And yet, he has found a home in it, which he describes as “a place for [him] to return to no matter the joy or sorrow abound.”

Atere Jr.’s story is one of love at first sight, a love that captivated him and he hasn’t let go since. His first encounter with poetry occurred in his freshman year of medical school, and arrived in the form of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic poem “The Raven.”

“I was enchanted with the form his words took in my eyes,” Atere Jr. reminisced. “It excited me to a sacred delight and awakened the greatest possible desire in me to create and express in the most beauteous manner, the thoughts that nature has birthed in me.”

While Atere Jr.’s poems are concise and brief, they don’t lack meaning. Nature and light are common motifs in his work, which is no accident.

“Nature is a representative of beauty, not only to be appreciated but to be identified with,” Atere Jr. explained.

The poet has a poetry book in the works that he hopes to have published by 2020.

Atere Jr. feels a special connection to poetry, one that is best explained in his own words. “Poetry makes us all feel something,” he said. “If you’re lucky, poetry, like Emily Dickinson said, ‘takes off the top of your head.’ And if the universe favours [sic] you even more, it creates something in your heart, in your being.”

Clearly, the universe favors Atere Jr., as he has been lucky enough to find himself at home in his craft. The poet reflected on this feeling, stating, “in the comfort of this residence I have found growth through the commitment to explore the world of creativity, to bring forth something wonderful from my fears and dreams, from hope and love, and every emotion that exists in me.”

If that doesn’t make a home, what does?

To read more about Ahmad Atere Jr., grab your copy of HOME today.

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Words by Martina Taylor

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