Ally Green and the Art of Capturing Moments

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

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With modern technology providing powerful cameras built into cell phones, the ability to be a photographer now seems more at reach than ever. Armed with the right cocktail of editing apps and a basic understanding of the use of light, the average person can produce a relatively professional picture.

However, photographer Ally Green’s ability to exhibit the magic of stylish simplicity is not one that can be achieved with a smartphone app. It is a talent that has taken years for her to hone and is an integral part of her distinctive style.

“It all started when I was 5-ish,” the Houston native recounted. “My parents always took pictures; we had stacks of photo albums everywhere…and it caught on.”

Green began to experiment with polaroids and Kodak disposables, eventually receiving a DSLR at age twelve. Originally her main focus was photographing nature, but she later graduated to portraits of family members and then to models. Over time, Green cultivated her craft, and with the purchase of a new DSLR, she began to pursue photography as a career.

Green’s passion for her art is clear in the visually stunning images she produces. Clean, simple curves of the human body contrast against brightly saturated backdrops to create elegant and eye-catching works.

“Photography captures beauty some individuals don’t tend to recognize which is one of the best parts about it,” explains the aspirant. “It is a perspective, it tells a story, it shows you things you probably would not notice with the naked eye.”

For many, triumph is defined as a physical reminder of their success—something that shows others their value and abilities. However, Green perceives it differently. When asked what the biggest triumph of her career has been, she swiftly answered: “experience.”

Read Ally Green's complete feature in Volume 2 Issue 1: TRIUMPH

Cover photo by Ally Green

Modeled by Melia Elise (Instagram)

Full feature edited by Laurel Prime & Chloe Wen

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