An Unrestrained Life in Poetry with Alison Sin

The conventional poet may say that they harbor inspiration from nature, the classic introspection, or the art around them; for poet Alison Sin, this is far from the truth.

Alison Sin wishes to lead an “unrestrained life” and this is evidently exemplified through her piece featuring collections of prose through the lens of an 18-year-old woman from Hong Kong. If this isn’t impressionable enough, her work is even more staggering.

Delving deeper into her raw style, Sin remarked that it is “egocentric in its nature and I take the hedonic principle to heart in my art process.”

Her biggest fear, she shamelessly admitted, is that making art will be associated with a chore.

Therefore,” she continued, “whenever I encountered a mind block, I would stop and do something else—such as turning towards a more empirical/structured field of science.”

Implementing a unique technique for balancing the extremities of art, Sin claimed that art, being a cathartic process that prompts introspection and growth, is a medium for her to exhibit her Dionysian nature. This is directly portrayed through the ending of her piece in which she reveals the revelation of what freedom, with all its setbacks and delights, means to her.

“I wish to lead an unrestrained life where I could soak in all the knowledge and experiences the world brings. An ‘aesthetic life’ with knowledge as its servant would be my ideal future. In college, I am studying philosophy, psychology and medicine (pre-med). I aspire to brighten each human soul holistically, through physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Writing would also serve one of my prominent medium into achieving such goal.”

The artist has always struggled with freedom, but Alison Sin is no regular artist. Instead, she provides an in-depth and realistic perspective of struggle. From a point of view unaccustomed to adversity, her piece eases the mind and encourages the reader to embrace regularities in their life and break free from restraints, setting the standards for an aspiration that will forever be in everyone’s head.

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