Anya Ungson’s World of Gentle Poetry

Anya Ungson, a 13-year-old Filipino creator and writer, seeks constant inspiration from the world around her.

“I have a pocket notebook with me wherever I go to keep and curate all my ideas, ramblings, and the like,” said Anya. “The world will forever remain a wonder to me, and I am particularly fond of capturing stills of moments in my writing.”

She began with prose as her only medium. Fourth-grader Anya was timid to tackle the unfamiliar world of poetry. After trying her hand at all sorts of genres—anime fanfiction, sci-fi, and Harry Potter ripoffs—Anya found herself writing short stories and poetry pieces in journals.

Anya is grateful of the support she receives from her friends, family, and teachers. For now, she is young and able to be freer than she will be able to in a couple of years, and she has chosen to embrace her youth and all the possibilities that life has in store for her.

Her five-point literary work A Curation of Antiques is influenced by quite a few things, including the theme of memory, life’s little things, and Anya’s cherished moments within her own home. It’s written to be akin to a love letter to not just “home,” but the world, specifically “commuter routes and [the] routinely endeavors throughout every day.”

Anya communicates this well through her writing style: ethereal and soft, resembling that of a hymn. She describes her work as taking the form of “a woman with flowers in her palms and a gown made of stars.”

It’s gentle, graceful, and genuine—much like herself.

Anya looks forward to continuing to create and write. In the future, she wishes to fulfill her dreams of graduating and pursuing what she truly loves. Right now, she wishes to continue cultivating herself and her relationship with love.

“Every step taken is still a part of the journey, and regardless of where I end up, this won’t be for nothing.”

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