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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A motel illuminated against the night. A monochromatic figure walking amidst fallen leaves. Captivating images of people taken on school buses, sidewalks, and street corners that symbolize and utilize the humanity overlooked every day. This is just a small part of what you will see when viewing the portfolio of 17-year-old photographer Brandon Agramon.

“I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California,” Agramon shared. “When I turned 13, I moved around the west coast for a whole year and ended up in Wisconsin.”

Nowadays, Agramon resides in Dallas, Texas. Rather than being thrown by this constant change, Agramon uses the uncertainty in his life to make himself and his craft better.

One way Agramon ties his past to his style preference of film to digital photography. “As soon as I made the money to afford a camera that was manual and cheap, I got it,” he reflected. “It feels a lot more thrilling ... because you don’t know how the photo is going to turn out, not until you spend money to develop it.”

Every image bleeds with his own personal style. The scenery appears both haunting and intimate, creating an environment that seems welcoming as well as otherworldly.

He pays special attention to lighting. According to Agramon, creating an organic sense of lighting and atmosphere is paramount to his work.

“Natural lighting has always been so much more beautiful than studio light to me. Just the way natural light comes out of nowhere as if it tries to call to you, it motivates me to figure out how to capture it. Natural light to me is worth studying so much more.”

That thrill is what drives Agramon to keep capturing those unseen parts of life, the kind of memories that are uniquely beautiful yet often unnoticed. These are the kind of images that Agramon continue to captivate and capture.

Whatever new photos he takes, whatever forgotten slices of life he captures on film—you can be sure Agramon will continue to be true to himself, his art, and the people and experiences that made him who he is.

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Images: Brandon Agramon

Words by James E. Monroe

Editors: Ndemazea Fonkem, Danielle Irene, Chloe Wen

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