Christina Joshy: “Language on Paper”

Literacy is arguably the most powerful tool in the world. That’s how the author Christina Joshy found her passion. The India-born, United Arab Emirates-raised 20-year-old is currently studying English Literature in university and hopes to pursue a PhD.

Joshy began with poetry and later branched out to story writing. At the tender age of 12, she wrote her first story. “Despite the story being terrible, it was the first time I experienced the bliss of putting words on paper.”

Photo provided by Christina Joshy

The story not only taught her of the freedom of making decisions, but of the larger lesson that mistakes are an inevitable part of growth. Through her characters, Joshy learned valuable life lessons.

“Language on paper is an ethereal form of communication and it is best done when simply presented and powerfully resonated,” she added, citing Nikita Gill and Rupi Kaur as some of her inspirations and influences, whose styles she hopes to emulate.

Aside from her psychologically motivated love of humanity reflecting in her words, Joshy’s geographical location in the United Arab Emirates has impacted her writing.

The country is a flourishing multicultural environment. In living with many ideas being presented to her on a daily basis, Joshy said that she has learned to not only tolerate but truly fall in love with new ideas and traditions. “Dubai gave me the opportunity to learn how people of different ethnicity and values integrate with each other harmoniously.”

In her future, she hopes to have a doctorate in English Literature and to finish a story that has been in the works for a few years and eventually share it with the world. She plans on continuing to learn from her writing and making her own legacy.

“We all have a little of ‘I want to change the world inside us.’ I want to be able to harness that little bit of mine and channel it into my writing and reading.”

It will be no surprise when Joshy, through her introspective mindset and carefully calculated words, manages to not only impact the world, but change it, making it a more beautiful place.

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