Creating Art Beyond Boundaries with Cassandra Rose

The path to artistry is often started by an initial inspiration. For some, it could be family; for others, the work of another creator, or even the outside world. But somehow, someway, all creators find their muse.

Cassandra Rose is a prime example. As an artist, she practices multiple different art forms, styles, and expressions to showcase her creativity. But she does not draw from just one source. Instead, she cultivates all of her experiences and utilizes them. The results are intricately varied forms of expression that are not simply beautiful, but have true depth and feeling.

Cassandra got her start in creating from a surprising source. “I actually started art way back in eighth grade and it was oddly because of my science teacher,” she revealed. “My science teacher was an artist on the side and caught me sketching. I assumed he was going to yell at me but instead he encouraged me. He even pointed me to some YouTube channels that could teach me cute doodling styles and classic cartoon characters. This is when I started to consider art as an important aspect of my life and other people started to acknowledge it.”

Cassandra’s teacher was able to give her that crucial spark to begin pursuing art more seriously—a spark that was noticed by others. “One of my friends at the time asked me, ‘How does it feel to be an artist? To be able to draw anything you want at any time.’ [T]hat was the first time I considered the limitless possibilities of art, which is something that became vital in high school.”

Despite all odds, Cassandra Rose has risen despite her struggles to become an accomplished and creative artist. She not only found her muse, but perfected the skills necessary to transfer inspiration into innovation.

She used her environment to grow and learn and fully embrace an attitude that is open to change and hungry for growth. No matter what medium or style Cassandra chooses, she knows how to use her inspirations to her advantage. And she’ll continue inspiring other creators as well.

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Words by Jemmy Monroe

Images by Cassandra Rose

Editors: Danielle Irene, Ry X, Chloe Wen

Designers: Shannon Jie

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