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Deja Foxx on Advocacy, Activism, and the Future

Deja Foxx knows she’s powerful.

At any given moment, she knows that her voice is being heard somewhere, somehow, by someone. She knows how connected young people like herself are and how important it is for her to share her story. Because it’s not just about her—really it’s about her advocating for her community.

Now, she’s majoring in political science at Columbia University in New York City where she’s continuing to advocate for students like herself. Apart from being quite literally different geographic locations, the two cities tend to contrast quite a bit—that contrast has been both a challenge and a blessing for her.

“Even though my work is an extension of myself, I am a person outside of the work that I do,” she said. “Productivity isn’t me; I am not just the work that I do.”

To remind herself to stay grounded and to separate her value from the amount of work she does, Foxx journals, does yoga, and focuses on cultivating a positive relationship with herself and with her community.

“I choose projects that are connected to me as a person,” she told Aspirants. “When I fight, I’m fighting for myself and people like me. I believe that advocating for yourself and others is the best form of activism.”

And empowering others is necessary when you’re an organizer like Foxx. In fact, she’s noticed that performing one of the two actions tends to make it easier to do the other—advocating for others makes it easier to advocate for oneself and vice versa.

When Aspirants asked her where she was going next, she told us this: “Full disclosure, I’m not sure.”

But we’re not worried, and neither is she.

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