Driving the STEM Field with Minh Tran

“I am ambitious, driven, and results-oriented. Most of all, I am extremely passionate about … the work I do.” Minh Phuc Tran is an educator, an entrepreneur, a musician, an eighteen-year-old Gen-Zer, and most of all, he loves binging Shonda Rhimes’ shows on Netflix.

The Louisville native works with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) outreach programs both locally and internationally, and the number of projects he takes a part of is impressive. First, STEM+Youth (STEMY), a student-run nonprofit in his area working to break the barriers and increase access to scientific opportunities at a young age, like STEMY Academy, workshops for diverse groups of middle schoolers aiming to cultivate curiosity. Since 2017, STEMY Academy has reached over 150 students and report a 90% increased interest in STEM for those who had gone through the program.

“Growing up as a low-income, first-generation Southeast Asian-American immigrant and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I personally faced a lack of effective STEM programming and availability of opportunities due to my background.”

Tran figured he wasn’t the only one feeling this way; upon realizing his experiences were shared with those in similar intersections of identity, Tran’s desire to help others in the same straits as him became the driving factor of his work. Frankly, he wasn’t going to let anything stop him, let alone his age.

All the ambition and drive that Tran holds stems from something: the desire to ensure a quality STEM education for all students, no matter their background . Through his various projects, Minh Phuc Tran has transcended barriers and offered what once scarcely existed to the communities that needed it, starting with his own.

Website: stemchats.org/get-involved

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