Evelin Figueroa: Finding Community through Creating

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

“Art is a reflection of our innermost thoughts,” said Evelin Figueroa, an artist and changemaker from Louisville, Kentucky.

“It wages war and demands attention, and, when it is most discredited, the largest wildfires erupt.”

In her own way, Figueroa is helping to light the flame that sets art ablaze. At only 18, she already has an idea of where she’s going. She described her goal as “the eventual universal appreciation of artists and for everyone to be given the respect and dignity they deserve.”

Though it may seem like a lofty goal, it’s not unreachable in the mind of the trailblazer. By normalizing the embracing of multiculturalism in her art, Figueroa has already made it clear that she is well on her way to changing the world for the better.

While in high school, Figueroa made it her mission to “create platforms for others to talk about their heritage and how our environment affects minorities.”

For such a lively and outspoken person, it is no surprise that Figueroa has been influenced by a myriad of places. One that is perhaps nearest to her heart is her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Her devotion to the area is clear.“There’s something irresistible about southern drawls, diverse cultures, and the humid heat of bluegrass summers.”

Louisville has fostered the art, activism, and scholarly attitude that are intrinsic aspects of Figueroa’s being. However, she acknowledges the South is not perfect.

“While Louisville is far from idyllic, somewhere in the summer heat and blistering cold, the meaning of community hasn’t strayed.”

Regardless, Figueroa cherishes Louisville as a place that has taught her that “my home will always be wherever I’m certain my ideas are respected, free to make my own choices, and encouraged to be my unique self.”

Keep up with Evelin here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atheniac/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/atheniacspeaks

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Words by Martina Taylor / Spread design by Ndemazea Fonkem / Photos and Art by Evelin Figueroa

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