Fueling Love Worldwide, One T-Shirt at a Time

“Fill their heart with love from yours.”

This is the maxim that spurred Melissa to create Fuel Love, a clothing company with a mission to inspire people to do good and love more.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Melissa is a wife and working mother. She is shaping her daughters into determined, triumphant, and kind women. For as long as she can remember, Melissa’s been a social person, fascinated with coming across new people with diverse backgrounds.

After learning of a family member who was going through some dark times, she was inspired to create a brand that would “fuel love.” Soon enough, she began designing t-shirts and selling them at stores and local events.

The principal goal of Fuel Love is to remind people to be kind and compassionate and to spread “love wherever they go.” The logo on the shirt inspires one to carry out that mission of fueling love. In a world where all of us are busy and stressed, we often forget to be compassionate to others and ourselves. Fuel Love is looking to change that.

“Our goal is to have people wake up in the morning, put on our shirts, and say to themselves: ‘Wow, I feel good already, because I am in a shirt that’s reminding me to love others,’” said Melissa.

Buying a Fuel Love shirt is more than just buying a regular old t-shirt. That purchase furthers a movement and a company dedicated to promoting love, spreading kindness, and bettering our world.

The shirts have become reminders for people, a way to help them triumph and love themselves as well as their neighbors.

On top of that, Fuel Love shirts are also locally made, hand-pressed with eco-friendly ink through a women-owned business.

Melissa’s message for people about the mission of Fuel Love is that the company wants people to realize “happiness and personal triumphs can come from loving others and practicing kindness,” that those little achievements of exercising love towards yourself and others will make someone whole.

Instagram: instagram.com/fuellove

Website: fuel-love.com

Photographed by Kate Lauren Studios

Styled by Liden of Larissa Lake and Co.

Hair by Chantelle Gonzalez of Larissa Lake and Co.

Makeup by Brittany Backman of Larissa Lake and Co.

Special thank you to Larissa Lenoci and Gia Fenton

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