Hadiyyah Kuma on Youth and Writing

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Hadiyyah Kuma isn’t afraid to put herself out there. Well, maybe she’s a little shy in person, but words are a different matter entirely.

“Like most writers, I’ve been doing it all my life, in different forms, and for different reasons. Sometimes it’s a form of catharsis, and a lot of times it’s to tell the world something I can’t say vocally,” Kuma said. As a student at the University of Toronto, she has quite a lot on her plate already. However, when she has an idea for a piece, it is a process that consumes both her mind and her schedule. She explained, “I don’t stop thinking about it until it’s done. Sometimes I realize I need to give my mind a break, so I can sleep, or shower, or go to school.”

At only 18, Kuma has quite the resumé. In addition to starting her own magazine, she is a writer for Guided Mag, and has been published in Haloscope Magazine, Risen Zine, The Strand, Cosmonaut Magazine, as well as many more. She believes that the current generation of young writers have important ideas that deserve to be heard.

“Gen-Z is super-duper into writing these days and there’s a reason for that,” she explained. “People need to tell their stories and voice their opinions. When the world has rendered us voiceless, the pen and the keyboard are our tools of action.”

The next step on Kuma’s list of creative endeavors is to start an online magazine. Officially launched in January of 2019, Double-Take Mag takes a closer look at the world around us, seeking to find meaning in the miniature. Although it is young in its creation, Kuma is sure to bring it to unprecedented heights.




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